About Our Firm

Our goal is to provide superior service in a timely and responsive manner.  We also work to keep costs down for our clients by keeping our overhead low and maintaining lower billing rates then our larger competitors who have to maintain much larger support staffs.  We aim to provide personalized representation and to learn the ins-and-outs of our client’s businesses so that we can better assist and advise them.  The focus of our practice is supporting the changing needs of our clients, with expertise in corporate and securities law, mergers and acquisitions, business organization, SEC reporting requirements, and debt and equity financing.  We also provide business litigation services.

Many of our clients have been with us for several years and while other firms look to engagements on a project-by-project basis (maximizing billable hours as they go) and often using different attorneys on each deal.  We look at our clients as partners, and hope they stay with us for the long haul and trust us to provide assistance on all of their legal needs as they grow and mature, and as they are presented with new challenges.  In this way we are acutely attuned to our client’s negotiation styles, operations and needs – whether that may mean providing them guidance on their first introduction to the securities laws or advising them on complex issues and rules or preparing draft documents and filings from the ground up or simply reviewing and providing comments and questions on drafts of documents and filings already prepared.  We are willing to work with our clients to tailor our engagements to their individual circumstances.

Nothing makes us happier than helping clients achieve their goals, whether that be clearing SEC comments, uplisting to a higher trading market, obtaining SEC compliance, raising new funding, closing a transaction, helping their business to run smoother, obtaining a favorable outcome in a litigation matter, or simply lowering their legal costs by switching to our firm.  While we are located in the Houston, Texas, metropolitan area, we have clients from all over the United States and other countries throughout the world.  We also have relationships with a wide network of other service providers (auditors, accountants, Edgar filers, XBRL providers, printers, transfer agents and proxy agents) and funding sources (private equity, hedge funds, finders, brokers, dealers and underwriters) and are more than happy to share our experiences with our clients and make referrals on their behalf.